Eating Perception Lab

shesc.jpgArizona State University- Tempe campus

Principal Investigator: Mariya Voytyuk
Faculty Researcher: Daniel Hruschka, PhD

Project: Mapping Lay Theories of Healthy Eating

As crucial as it is to life and health, food can be a source of great anxiety as people worry about what, how, and how much to eat. In his book, Michael Pollan writes that he beliefs Americans struggle with the “omnivore’s dilemma”: since humans can eat anything, we cannot decide what we should eat. How do individuals from different backgrounds and cultures decide what health eating is? As people form their theories of what it means to eat well, they create mental models of “healthy eating”and perceive causal links between what and how one eats and their well-being in different ways.

Our project focuses on these lay perceptions and asks: what does healthy eating mean to individuals, how people rationalize their beliefs, and why do they think differently?


Some hands-on experience with analysis software at the lab

LAB Research Assistants:

Kegan Allen* | Breanna Jeter* | Lauren Rohan-Kohl* | Ryan Angeles | Olivia Gonzalez | Heather Thomas | Sarah Herrington | Hailee Hoffman 

* Has been with the lab for both semesters

If you are a student at ASU and are interested in being part of the lab for credit, email mvoytyuk(at) 

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Part of our 2016 Spring Lab


We are done with the interviews, surveys, and food intake logs for the project. If you are interested in participating in any future projects, contact Mariya at Mvoytyuk(at)


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.29.58 PMFOOD LOGS (2016)
Some descriptives of eating patterns from our Smartphone food log pilot (n=45)

CLICK HERE to view!

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