Curriculum Vitae


Global Health PhD (Arizona State University) Awarded: May 2017
M.S. in Health Promotion (Indiana University; 2012)
B.S. in Business Administration (Goshen College; ICU-Kiev, Ukraine; 2007)
Certified Health Education Specialist (2012)[]

Research Interests

– Lay mental models of “healthy eating” 
– Science communication: role of cognitive biases
– Diet and non-communicable disease (NCD)

– Food health risk and policy implications


2017                Cognitive Differences Accounting for Cross-cultural Variation in Perceptions of Healthy Eating. Voytyuk & Hruschka. Journal of Cognition & Culture, 17 (1-2) 116-128.
2017                Young peoples’ perceptions of friend and peer influence on nutrition and physical activity behaviors. Bruening, Huberty, Skelton, & Voytyuk (in print)
2016                Psychological aspects of food biodesign. Saks, Danvers, Wissler, Voytyuk, Williams, Baker, & Votruba. Jurimetrics 56:2
2016                Human Food Preferences. Voytyuk.  Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science (in press). Springer International Publishing.
2016                Brain evolution resulting from CookingVoytyuk.  Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science. Springer International Publishing.
2016                Cooking: Increased Energy/Reduced Digestion. Voytyuk.  Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science (in press). Springer International Publishing. (in press)

Research Skills


  • Pile sorting, Q methodology, semi-structured interviews
  • Text transcription and thematic coding, codebook development, inter-coder agreement analysis. (MaxQDA software)
  • Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling, Property Fitting analysis (UCINET)


  • Survey development and administration (Qualtrics; MTURK)
  • Construction of process tracing experiments (MouseLabWEB)
  • Management and harmonization of large-scale datasets (UNICEF MICS; DHS surveys)
  • Dietary context data collection via personally developed smartphone method, using scheduled text messages. Software: Qualtrics, EzTexting.
  • Interpolation mapping (universal Krieging)- geographic information system (GIS). Software: ArcGIS (ESRI certification: 2014)
  • Statistical analysis via T-test, multiple regression, ANOVA, factor analysis, informal mediation analysis. Software: SPSS (familiarity with SAS, R)

Languages: English (fluent), Russian (fluent- native), Spanish (basic). 

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